Bon Air Teacher Appreciation week

Flower Share

Take a photo of a flower, or your student holding a flower, or some flower art your student has done and email it to your student's teacher, and any other special teachers and staff that your student wants to include.  Click here for the staff email list!

Hashtag Share

Let's connect our community by having our kids put on some BAE spirit wear or make a BAE sign and then take and post a photo to social media using the hashtag  #baeseagles. To search for posts with the hashtag throughout the week, click the magnifying glass in Facebook or Instagram, then enter the hashtag in the search bar!

Flipgrid Share

Share a video message from your student to their teacher, and to any other teachers and staff that your student has a special connection with! Here are easy directions for how to do it:

  • Click here to go to the BAES Flipgrid

  • Scroll down a little bit and click  7 Topics on the right.

  • Select your student's grade level.

  • Click the green button with the plus sign on it to record the video.

  • Click stop when you are done, then click submit.

  • The videos are reviewed before posting, but will appear soon!

Favorite Color Share

On a day when you are having a virtual meet-up with your student's teacher, have your student wear their teacher's favorite color! Or, take a photo of your student in their teacher's favorite color and  send it via email. Favorite color list below!

Teacher Favorite Color



Hass, Brittney - Purple

Yaeger, Bera ECSE - Teal



Kerschner, Cassidy - Lime Green & Blue

Gholson, Katherine - Blue & Green

Slayton, Kristen - Pink

Bowen, Spring - Pink, Green, Yellow

Lehman, Melissa - Light Green & Blue



Genger, Lisa - Blue

Marino, Wendy - Orange & Pink

Griffin, Kimberly - Pink & Green

Carr, Meghan - Navy & Lime Green



Colantuoni, Ashley - Blue

Cox, Cory - Pink

Berk, Lauren - Light Blue & Cerulean

Alden, Marriane - Royal Blue

Martin, Mechelle - Green & Pink



Presnall, Kylie - Lime Green

Seely, Carrie - Teal, Turquoise, Aqua

Baker, Lauren - Aquamarine & Blue

Thompson, Jean - Coral & Teal

Schilling, Kylee - Teal & Yellow



Watson, Alison - Pink

Zulauf, Lee - Blue

Jones, Stephanie - Purple & Teal Blue

Kneesi, Jan - Green, Purple, Pink



Ownby, Kelly - Blue

Payton, Kristen - Blue

Pifer, Alyssa - Green

Clay, Julie - Blue

Nathanson, Beth - Mint or Navy