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President - Ashley Biskey

Vice President (Programs) - Ashley Barret

Vice President (Fundraising) - Kristina Meyer

Treasurer - Stephanie Wolfle

Secretary - Ashley Jones

Principal - Dr. Klyce

Faculty Representative - Karen Austin

standing committee chairs


Bon Air 5K (Sponsorship) - Mike Rey

Bon Air 5K (Operations) - Ali Burnette

Bon Air 5K (Support) - Angela Rosas, Michelle Horst

Community Partners - Jackie Juergens

Council & District Delegates - Ashley Biskey

IDEA: Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, & Accessibility - Rebecca Moss, Peter Pisarek

Library - Karen Austin

Membership - Katie Savino

Raise Craze Co. Chair - Sarah Beck, Kristina Meyer

Silent Auction Co. Chair - Kristina Meyer, Martha Schley Smith

Spirit Nights - Ginger Brooks

Staff Appreciation Co. Chair - Allison Bowles, Jessica Martin, Katie Shaffer, Cate Young

special committee coordinators

BAES Block Party - Jessica Martin, Martha Schley Smith, Emily Wright

Beautification - Kristina Meyer

By Law Revision - Erin Lowery

Dance - Shellie Smith

Donuts with Grownups - Mackenzie Geisel

Facebook Manager - Ashley Biskey

Fifth Grade Celebration - Melissa Garrett, Shellie Smith

Health & Wellness - Sarah Beck, Cat Sears

Muffins in the Morning - Shellie Smith, Toni Gardner

Pizza & Pumpkin Night - Kristina Meyer, Amanda Weatherford

Popsicle Party - OPEN

Room Parents - Rachel Hutchinson, Tara Cigich

Running Club - Tara Eschenfelder, Sarah Beck

Safety Committee - Sarah DeBlasio, Johanna Orleski

Spirit Wear - Allison Bowles, Demetria Davis

Student Directory - Jackie Juergens

Talent Show - Jeanna Day

Translation - Becky Cruz

Village Night - Rebecca Moss

Website Manager - Kristina Meyer

Yearbook - Lauren Lombard, Ginger Brooks

bon air staff

Principal - Dr. Klyce

Assistant Principal - Mrs. Jonas

Office Manager - Leigh Hermann

Office Secretary - Rebecca Wright, Katie Pinney

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